We believe that nature is the perfect food producer. Food, as made by nature, may not have the best shape or the most tempting colour or may not be able to keep for a long time. It surely has though the best flavour and it is perfect for its purpose: to give the body the nutrients it needs in the most effective way.

Food, as made by nature has the best flavour and it is perfect for its purpose: to give the body the nutrients it needs

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We also know that nature is nature-friendly. Keeping the production process as natural as possible results in lower impact on the environment. So natural, organic, raw foods are not only good for you, but also for the planet.

Something else we believe in is the notable Mediterranean diet. It’s not just a vague idea but a real guide for developing our products and recipes. We love the authentic Mediterranean flavours and we highly rate the nutritional value of this region’s natural produce. In every Mellona jar or bottle, you will find food as close to what nature produced as possible. You’ll also find a bit of sun and Mediterranean aura from our country.

We are not perfect, but we are real. We believe that we should eat simple, natural food, evaluated mostly based on its nutritional value and benefits for our health.